Dining Menus

Food menus

Trust us when we say nothing compares to Greek food. From the succulent steaks to those iconic zesty salads, we take pride in bringing all the Aegean’s flavours directly to you. You just need to sit back and set your taste buds free. Step aboard and let our highly-skilled chefs do the hard work – authentically. We’ve hand-crafted our menus so that once you’ve eaten your fill of Greek goodies on shore, you get to come back to the ship and do it all again. It’s a good thing you’ve got time for a Greek siesta – you’ll need it.  

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Steak Menu

How do you like it – rare, well done, or somewhere in between? With our steak menu, you get to choose your temperature, sauce, and side to create the perfect match made in Wagyu heaven. And whilst you’re on water, why not try the Surf and Turf? Lobster tail, American Beef Filet, and a glass of wine we can personally recommend. Delish. 


Speciality Restaurant Menu

When an award-winning expert on Greek food is recommending a menu, you know you’re on to a winner. Our specialty Diane Kochilas menu blends iconic Greek dishes with an international twist, and all with a glass of something rosy to suit.   


All inclusive dining 

Three gorgeous meals a day? Every day? You are on holiday after all. Set sail with our all inclusive dining menu and straighten that napkin. You’ll be eating out on the best tastes and smells our expert chefs can muster – all inspired by the liberating sensations of Greece.